Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hope You Will Happy..

Few hours ago, my kazen ask me to send her resume through the ym.. So I said ok and at last, I change my ym status from invisible to available. Then I drag all the files and send. Suddenly someone send the text through the ym. It is her. So suddenly.. and after long time, I have quite long ym session with her..

UN: (my name)
KR: ye
KR: nape?
UN: (his name) wt pe?
KR: ntah r..
KR: studi kot
UN: ok 2
KR: nak tanye leh?
KR: lame dah x tanye
UN: ley
KR: sakit (her name) yang dulu 2..
KR: cane? ok dah ke?
UN: skt ek
UN: cmtu jugak
UN: ok skit cuma kerap skt dada
KR: em.. dah ok sikit bagus r..
UN: tq ek sb amk brt
KR: jage diri
KR: huhu.. ok2 sesame
KR: coz lame x dngar cte
KR: ok.. 2 je nak tanye..
UN: org tkt mati huhu
KR: haa??
UN: haha
KR: nape tbe2 sebut pasal mati?
UN: xde pe
UN: sj je
KR: insyaAllah x..
KR: jage diri je r
UN: ok
UN: tq
UN: (my name) nk tye
KR: same2..
KR: nak tnye pe lak?
UN: xde pe la
KR: laa.. nak tnye tnye je r..
KR: xde nak marah
UN: xpe la
UN: ok la
KR: jangan r cam2
KR: tnye je r
UN: sori kco ek
KR: xpe
KR: x jadi tnye r..
KR: cam2 k..
KR: takecare
UN: xde pe pn
UN: cuma nk tye (my name) mrh org lg?
KR: owh.. xde r.. x marah pun
KR: lpekan je..
UN: org trase (my name) benci org
KR: xde r.. nape rase cam2 lak
KR: dah2.. xde pape r
KR: xde benci pun
KR: hehe
UN: tq
UN: org dh lega
KR: ur welcome
KR: bagus r
KR: hope u will hepi
KR: nak kahwin nanti jemput!!
KR: =P
UN: org doa (my name) dpt yg lbh bek
UN: amin jemput
KR: haha.. thanx..
KR: takecare..
UN: u to
UN: too
KR: ok.. I will =)
UN: invi ke?
KR: aah.. sepanjang mase invi
KR: tadi je x invi jap
UN: owh
UN: invi ìye iye
UN: haha
KR: haha.. saje nak invi
KR: ari2 online tapi invi r
UN: ok.. g la stadi
KR: ok2.. (her name) pun same.. studi
KR: good luck =)
UN: tq n sowi kco
KR: same2 n xde kaco pun
KR: =D
UN: (my name) gk..
UN: tata
KR: k.. salam..
UN: salam

Then, our conversation just finish like that. Suddenly Im thinking.. Is it true that I already forget the past? Is that true what I said to her? Emm.. me myself still not sure about it. Maybe I lie.. or maybe not.. Maybe I already forget the past but sometime I remember it. But if it is a lie, one truth is I hope you will happy..

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Life Is Wonderful..

Suddenly I remember this song. I know about the existence of this song when Im at matrix. The music is quite slow, relaxing but main point that make me attracted is the lyric. For me it is very nice.. its all about life.. Guess what song it is?

It takes a crane to build a crane
It takes two floors to make a story
It takes an egg to make a hen
It takes a hen to make an egg
There is no end to what I'm saying

It takes a thought to make a word
And it takes some word to make an action
And It takes some work to make it work
It takes some good to make it hurt
It takes some bad for satisfaction

La la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la la life goes full circle
Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
Al la la la la

It takes a night to make it day
And it takes a day to make you yawn brother
It takes some old to make you young
It takes some cold to know the sun
It takes the one to have the other

And It takes no time to fall in love
But it takes you years to know what love is
And It takes some fears to make you trust
It takes those tears to make it rust
It takes the dust to have it polished

Ha la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la la life goes full circle
Ah la la la la la la life is wonderful
Ah la la la la la la life is so...

It takes some silence to make sound
And It takes a loss before you found it
And It takes a road to go nowhere
It takes a toll to make you care
It takes a hole to make a mountain

Yeah.. its Jason Mraz - Life Is Wonderful..

Really Appreciate That..

Wake up in the morning and open my lappy and the result is:
Wait about 10,11,12,13,14,15 seconds but still

Damn!! Think that already got the conclusion.. may lappy is damage again.. for the 3rd time!!! Duhh.. How can it be? No idea.. Why suddenly it be like that? Still no idea.. What should I do? Repair it? Of coz.. Where? Dont know yet.. Previous place? Malay word say "kem salam je r.." So where? Em.. let me take a bath first..

Settle with all that, I go out looking for my car and drive it to D****** M*** It is hard to find car park there but at last I found one. Thanx GOD. 10.07 am.. It still close.. Wait with a glass of tea and 10.30 finally it open. Bring up my lappy and looking everywhere to find most suitable place to repair my lappy. At last found it.

My nset vibrate and there has a call.. " I already check and your laptop must be repaired, price RMXXX and need at least 3 weeks.." What?? 3 weeks? My lappy need 3 weeks to be repaired and I only have a month to complete my thesis.. Crazy or what? So I call mom and mom ask me to see my cousin and borrowed her.

Good idea.. But how can I go there? Dont know the way that I must use.. ++ I am king of lost.. My hosmate already go to their hometown. Dont have other choice so I text this person and ask weither this person can help show me the way. This person said ok but later bcoz rite now has something to do first so I just waiting.

Wait.. 3.45pm. Wait again.. 4.45pm and wait 5.45pm and finally at 6.45pm this person text me and said work is done, can go now.. After pray, I took this person using my car and start our journey to finding my cousin house and with this person help, we arrive safely there.. thanx GOD.. and the rest is history.. But..

Along the journey, can see this person is very tired (maybe bcoz the activity) but still want to accompany me.. And still keep smiling.. And knowing that this person still not eat yet make me feel teribble.. Sorry. Dont know what else to say. Second time I used this word to that person.. Thanx a lot dear, really appreciate that..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bcoz I Care..

23feb2010 - 5.15 pm, While I wait for the test to start, suddenly my nset vibrate and when I see it, 1stly, I still not believe it, Em.. this friend.. Why suddenly text me? Is that something important to tell?? I open my inbox and I can see.. just a simple one

" (my name), good luck test! =) "

Text just to tell good luck? Waa. suddenly I feel so touching or in Malay word "terharu" Hehe.. coz I think this friend never text me before, and if this friend send a sms maybe bcoz something important to tell about. So of coz feel so touching when this friend text me just to tell good luck for my test rite?? Its normal..

So I reply that message and after that this friend reply back and after that I reply back and it ended we have a sms session for few hours I think. Haha.. Even our topic is just an usual topic but I think it is fun text with this friend. Really enjoy it and my first impression is I think this friends is happy go lucky person.

But.. at the time I view this friend page (u can guess from where rite?) I change my mind. The status that this friend use show that this friend has a lot of problems, but still can act very happy. Very amazing I think acting like happy but it is not for real. Hmm.. What can I say this friend quite strong I think but..

To this friend, N*******

I just want to give an advice.. As human, we cant avoid from getting the problems. Me myself also has that. But you cant always acting happy if you are not. Some time can but not always. It just will make u feel teribble. Believe me coz I know about it. Cry if you want, and do anything that will make you feel comfortable as long it is not a stupid thing.. After that just forget all the sadness and live your life to the fullest ok?? =) Thats all I can say to you. Take it or not, let you decide it and I dont have any other intention, it just bcoz I care..

Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Luck!!

Today I woke earlier.. Why?? Bcoz today I has a test.. not 1 but 2 test.. So of coz I need to wake up earlier rite.. Still has some notes to read, and somes formula to remember, and some exercises to do.. So I cant passing by here for a long time and must sign out for now.. So lastly, for myself... Good luck!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

KCB Really A Nice Movie!!

Holiday sometimes make me do something that I never expect to do. And one of the thing is watching movies throuh my laptop.. I never think I will do that.. Spend my time in front of my laptop and watch that. But I just do it few days ago. Start with Phobia that make me want to laugh. (Quitely seem like Phobia 2.. Funny.. )

Settle with the Phobia, I watching another movies. Indonesian movies and the main reason I watch it bcoz a lot of friends said that it was the nice movie, every people need to see it and etc.. So I try to watch it. Starting of the story make me feel bored and I want to close it but bcoz my friends word I continue to keep watching it.

About 10 minutes, I start to feel that it is true. What my friend said is really true. The movie has a good story telling. The theme is same as usual, LOVE.. but dont know I feel it is different than the other movie. That movie really show that love thing in Islamic way. Maybe bcoz of that I think that movie is different compare to other movie.

I really impress with that movie. 70% of the dialog use Arabic.. Really fascinating!! Never thought that Indonesian can make the good movie like that. I keep watching until the end and suddenly it say "to be continue" What?? I remember my friend said the movie has 1 and 2 so its means rite now I must find the sequel of that movie.

Haha.. really want to know the end of that movie. It is the movie from year 2009. Want to say that Im out of date? Just say. I dont mind coz it is true. The important is, after watching the first part, I really want to watch the second part. So need to find it as soon as possible. Guess what movie it is? It is KCB.. and KCB really a nice movie!!

Love My Holiday!!

Em.. rite now still in holiday so nothing much to say, nothing much to tell or nothing much to story.. And the good thing is, since Im here, there is no trouble happen to me.. Haha.. Maybe thats why people always said home sweet home.. Be in here really make me can relaxing my mind and problem just now stop came to me.. Thanx GOD

But, as human we always cant stop ourself to be not satisfy with everything that we get. Same with me, rite now Im started to feel a bit bored. Maybe bcoz tomorrow school holiday ended and my sibling will go to school and etc.. So start from tomorrow only I still in holiday and I think bcoz of that I feel bored coz I will be lonely tomorrow.

Friends?? What can I say.. Since the day I enter another school in I***, I start to lost contact with them. Maybe some of them are here only me didnt know about it.. And at the time I start use the technology (handset, computer, etc) That is the time I know all of them are moving to other place. So rite now I can only see them throgh the internet.

Still holiday but finish with that, A lot of test are waiting. But dont know why, it is hard for me to study here in my home. Maybe bcoz from the form 1 I study far from home so I become lazy when go home.. Maybe.. or maybe I really lazy.. Haha.. Dont know but must try to force myself to study or else I cant answer that paper when the time come.

But as you know, a lot of things will stop you from study at home. Suddenly you will feel dizzy and tired, want to go out, your favourite movie on tv, your sibling want you to play a game with them and a lots more. It really sometyhing that malay people "godaan" that I must face. But cant I? Wateva but conclusion, still love my holiday!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Want To Go Home!!

Holiday has come!! Yeay!!! Im very excited about it.. 9 days in home. It is really enjoyable I think. I hope all my friends are there too. So maybe both of us can plan something to do in order to spend this holiday. Em.. but, after it end, I must struggle coz a lot of test are waiting for me.. Think about it make my mind want to blow!! Haha.. But for now I just want to have my holiday after this stressful first semester.. So to all friends, enjoy your holiday!!

PSST : Something has attract my eyes.. Make me want to laugh but for now I just want to be the observer only and want to see until when this thing will continue.. A week? A month? A years? After that I will decide weither want to post it or not.. So thats all for now. I want to go home!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Got New Friend!!

Just a few hours ago, life feel so boring. Want to go out but no one want to accompany me. Want to ask anyone to go out with me, dont have that intention today. And the worst is no one ask me go out for tonite. Still boring, so at last I end up sitting in front of my laptop and continue my routine, online the internet and online the facebook.

I notice that new face of facebook make me sick. It is quite difficult than the oldest one. But I try to make comfortable with it. At last I know how to use the new face of this facebook. It is not as though as I think. It only a bit tricky than previous one.. But totally it still same. Just the location of notification. etc is change but it is not a big deal.

Tonite facebook seem a bit boring. Maybe bcoz there is only few friends online so the notification also a little. + I dont add any status on my profile since I am not a person who always wanted to update my status, so I left it empty. It make me thinking, if facebook become quite bored like now, maybe after this I will online once in a week like before..

At last decide to give a comment to others profile. Settle, dont know what to do. Suddenly I see my ex schoolmate online. Im not really close with this person so I try my luck. Not expected, I got a good response! And this person still remember me. Nice one. So I end up my nite chating with this person and finally, guess what? I got new friend!!

I Decide Not To Go...

During my class yesterday, I got an sms from her. She ask me weither I want to join her and some of my classmates hang out together on 15hb02. For me 15hb02 is quite long to wait. + I will start my holiday on 12hb02. So do I need to stay? Maybe but the real problem is it was "her" that invite me. So if it was "her", Im sure on that day, there also will be "him".

So if there will be "her" and "him" on that day, means I must think before make the decision. The questions is, can I act like nothing happen on that day? Can I act like normally I do? Can I control my eyes from looking at "her" and "him" ? Can I really sure that I will not feel anything different if I decide to join them? The answer is "NO" so I decide not to go..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dont Know Why

This person H*****A A*****A:

Dont know why,

That day suddenly you text me, introduce yourself and want to be friend with me. It feel weird at first. Where you get my number? From who? I keep asking and finally got the answer.. maybe. At first I still dont trust you but day by day, after several conversation I think you are a good person. So then I start to believe you..

Dont know why,

Weeks and weeks I feel comfortable with you. Even at first I treat you as a stranger coz you really are, but after one time we become very close with each other. I finally consider you as one of my bestfriend. A lot of things we share together. And both of us feel very happy with that. I hope that you will be my bestfriend forever..

Dont know why,

After a month knowing you, I really believe in you. It is true that I really believe you. The word stranger I use to you is gone. As the proof I share all my problems with you and you also do the same. Tell you about what I feel and what I face really make me relaxing. At last I have someone that I can share problem with..

Dont know why,

As close as we become, I share some of my secret with you and some of my personal life. At that time I really think it is safe keeping some of it with you. But the truth is, it is the worst thing I ever done in my whole life. I really have no idea why I really believe in you and take a risk to tell my personal matter with you..

Dont know why,

Im sure before this we never known each other. So I guess, what is the wrong I ever done to you? Is there any mistake? Why after I believe with you, you betray me? Dont know what is in your mind but it seem that you trying to destroy my life using all the stories I share with you.. What is the reason?

Dont know why,

The reason you act like that. Thanx GOD I notice it. And after that you try to apologized and said that you never mean to do that.. What?? what game you try to playing actually? Of coz I cant accept that after what you do to me. It really like I been stab back by the person I trust most and there is no way I can forgive you.

Dont know why,

After few years it happen, after few years didnt hear any news from you and after few years I forget about it, suddenly you appear in my laptop screen to say hi.. The motive is? Still not enough for you after what you have done before? Suddenly you came and want to act nice. Sorry but I got my lesson so there is no forgiveness for you.

Dont know why,

From that day until now I consider you as my enemy, and cant forgive you for what you did. One thing for sure, I cant hate you. I just cant. Maybe bcoz the time we happy together make me act like that. I know you already finish your study and maybe rite now you already working. Even cant forgive you, hope you are just fine.

Dont know why..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It Just Not My Luck..

Long time didnt write anything. Not becoz of busy but a lot of problems come one after another and that make me think a lot. Why it come to me? Is there any wrong that I done before? If that so, Im sorry coz I didnt notice it.. Em, I think I understand finally the reason it come so I want to share some of the things happen to me last few weeks ago..

20hb01 - My car has small problem which is low timing means the engine easy to turn off. But peoples say it is a small matter so I just let it until one day, it become worst. My friend borrow it to go to the lab. It seem ok at first. But when he want to go back home, I got the news the engine cannot be started. So I go there and wait for the mechanic to come. After few hours he come finally and with his magical touch, the engine can be started successfully. The next day, I take my car to the workshop and my car can be functional again finally.

08hb02 - I just dont know what wrong with me today. At night as usual my activity is going out with my housemates to find some food to eat. To simplify it, all of us having a dinner. And that day, I drive my car as usually I do. A lot of car are there and using my skill I dont have any problem remove my car from the car park. But, I dont know why it can happen. My car has kiss the notice board pillar!! OMG Really didnt expect become like this since before this, I always pass it. What happen to me? I have no idea..

22hb01 - I do some work using my laptop, and suddenly something happen and my laptop turn off unexpectedly. I notice there is a cross circuit in my laptop and as the result, my display has gone. I take it to the shop the next day and ask if it can be repair or not. The owner said it just a small problem and she can fix it in about 1 and half hour. So I said ok and give my laptop to her. Settle with my plan that day, I go to that shop after receive the call from the owner to take back my laptop and yes!! it has been repaired.

01hb02 - I woke up early today coz I have some thesis report to do. I really have full of spirit to work on my thesis that day until something happen.. I turn on my laptop and what I see is black and dark for 1 second.. 2 seconds.. 5 seconds.. 10 seconds.. I restart again and still same, only dark appear on the screen. Thats it!! only within 10 days, my display had damage again? crazy or what? I go to that shop and she said, it is no use if I repair it and she offer me to buy a new laptop. What? So sudden?? I wonder why she didnt say like that first time I send my laptop there? So the others are history, and she finally repair it for me..

07hb02 - That night have a dinner with some housemate at secret recipe. I order cordon blue and coke. A few seconds, waitress come and say here only have pepsi. Ok I said, Just few seconds, she came back and said pepsi sold out and only left 7up. Try to smile and said ok. Not finish with that, I notice that waitress didnt take my meal order. So once again I ask for cordon blue and few moments, she said it also has sold out. I decide to order grill black pepper and answer I get, it also sold out. Want to try new fried rice with satay, also sold out. What happen?? At last choose to eat cake and my choice is chocolate strawberry but also sold out. Huh..

Thats all I want to share with you. So to you that think that you have a bad luck in your life, better read this and after that think again.. Are you really has that bad luck? Of coz not. Think positive. GOD give all that to us to show HIS love. Maybe some mistake we done and HE want to remind us. So for me after all, it is not bad luck, it just not my luck..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

That Is The Truth..

Since you post your explaination "there", I think it is fair for me to explain here..

Truth.. I really dont understand anything okay, what you want to talk about exactly. So, bcoz of that I text you. You said you still eating so later. I just said okay and wait. The fact, it is too long waiting until 12.00 ++ am rite? But I still wait until you text me back. At last you text me just use "psst.." So, what do you expect I reply? I have no idea how to reply it. So I just text anything come in my mind. Suddenly your mood seem to change and you finish our conversation just like that.. I really have no idea what wrong has I done.

Truth.. You say that I easily forget about things that you want to tell. I dont know anything. But of coz I not forget it. Something that is related to peoples important to me, I will remember it as long as I can. And you know that you are want of them. So of coz I will remember about it. But your act that become cold suddenly really make me bit dissapointed. I really want to know exactly about that but what I got after waiting is nothing. Im sure if you in my place you also will ask yourself what wrong have you done rite?

Truth.. When you say that I dont consider you as an important anymore, I feel a bit teribble. You really think like that? Of coz not. Even both of us decide our relationship is only like that, you still important for me. I just dont want to make it so obvious okay? I finally know that you are a person that did not really like depend to anybody. So dont want to show my concern anymore. Remember last time Im too concern to you, text you everyday and ask about your condition all the time, at last we end up having a conflict. I already got a lesson.

So, that is all my explaination and that is the truth..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And My Decision??

People look me as happy person.. Just know to have fun. Not worry about anything and so on.. But it is really so? Only I know what is inside in my mind. And few weeks ago, a lot of things come suddenly and need my decision..

1) I targeting for it from 1 year ago and decide to get it this year. I plan everything and try to save the budget as much as I can, so I can get it sooner. But, like I always said human can only plan. GOD is The One to make it come true or not. Maybe it is not my day, suddenly car and my laptop break down at the same time and I spend quite a lot of money to fix both of its. After that, I realize I already over budget. And that make me thinking can I still buy that thing? Am I really need it? Or I just wait few month before buy it...

And my decision??

2) One nite, when I do my tutorial, I got a sms from unknown number. Owh, it is her ask me about chemistry problem. I said I dont really remember to solve it and she said it is ok. Then she ask me weither I know someone good at math, or maybe me myself can teach her math. In other word, me become her math's tutor personally and she will pay me for that. Me.. become her personal tutor. If I agree, maybe I have a chance to increase my money. But, can I teaching well? Most important, can I teach if it was her?

And my decision??

3) Few weeks ago, SNML ask me about our plan before. The plan is me meet with both SAJ and SNML. The place and time still not confirm yet and both let me to decide it. Main reason for this meeting is to know why SAJ suddenly keep silent for few month ago without any reason. I still not confirm it yet but if plan go smoothly, means we shall meet this weekend. Em, I wonder.. am I really prepare with it? About what will I hear from SAJ. Besides that, there can I really sure that SAJ will open mouth and explain it truthly?

And my decision??
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