Friday, April 30, 2010

Will Miss It!!

Just now finish tidy up my room, keep all my stuff in a bag, my clothes, my books, etc.. Few days more and this will over. If GOD will, after this, I am no longer student anymore, my new world are waiting for me. It seem more challenging with new enviroment but its ok.

I know that real world that I will face is thousand times more cruel compare to what I face rite now. But, wateva it is I will try my best to survive in that world. I promise this. Just hope that GOD will give me a strength and guidance to face the cruelty of the new world..

1 paper to go, 1 presentation left. Scared when think about it + the presentation that I must do it by myself, without any help. Wish me succeed k?? After that, it is finish and only GOD know when I can meet all my frens again after this. But one thing, will miss it!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To Trust Again Is No!!

26.4.2010 11.36 pm, during my student dying session, receive a short text from someone. I think I know who is the sender but not really sure, so reply it back and text session start:

them: salam
me: .............
them: watpe tu? bz ke?
me: ...............................
them: m*** ni
me: .................
them: tu kan no org. ape cite skunk?
me: .......................................................
them: owh.. so amacam skunk? a*** sihat?
me: ..................................................................
them: m*** la. ramai ke m*** yang dikenali?
me: ......................................................................
them: kejap. nak g toilet
me: ..................................
them: laa. h****** a****** lah suda lupa kah?
me: ........................................................................

At the time she mention her name, it really same like what I thought. It is her, someone that I trust but betray and stab me at the back. She come to ask for my forgiveness.. and also want me to trust her back.. Crazy or what? Why now?? What is her intention actually? Only she knows but a words from me, to forgive sure can but to trust again is no!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Starting From Now!! Or Maybe Tomorrow..

At last it came. 22 April 2010 - the date of my final war.. Since few weeks ago, I try all my best, prepare myself just to makesure that I can face this final war confidently. But, still has lack of confident. For today, I think it just okay. What I read appear in that white blank paper. Unfortunately, since I am human, forget and didnt remember always happen.

But of coz it is not good to leave that empty space blank rite? So even some term cannot remember I continue writing using my own opinion and understanding. Hope that my own theory can help me even just a little bit. Thats all I think... Just few days more before face next battle so must start struggle starting from now!! Or maybe tomorrow..

Monday, April 19, 2010

Try These By Yourself!!

Already in exam week. So what I do is study and study until stuck.. Then what I do? Sleep?? No coz it is the most hard thing for me to do.. So what I do is play some game. Not usual game but a logic game.. Suitable to generate mind during rest time.. lol.. here is some games I play, just a description:

1. Wolf Sheep & Cabbage
A man has a sheep, a wolf and a cabbage in place A. He want to take all 3 cross the lake to place B using boat but only can take 1 of its in one time. Notice that wolf eat sheep and sheep eat cabbage when no man around.

2. Man & Cannibal
There are 3 men and 3 cannibals from side C want to cross the lake to side D. At one time, only 2 of them can enter the boat. Help them but remember if more cannibal than men in either side C or D, cannibal will eat the man.

3. Family & Bridge
5 members want to cross the river in night using a lamp that only can be use for 30 seconds. Each cross bridge at different speed: 1, 3, 6, 8, 12 seconds. Bridge can only support 2 persons so a pair must walk together in rate of the slowest member.

4. Lift & Elevators
5 persons in lift in different floor: 17, 26, 20, 19, 31. Help 5 of them to go out from lift. Lift will open when the floor is from 21 until 25. There are 2 buttons: +8 or -13 that will activated only when 2 lift are selected. the buliding has total of 49 floors.

5. Bottles & Scales
Given 12 bottles, 1 is fake. The goal is to determine the fake bottle and guess either it is heavier or lighter than the real one. Use dacing to solve this but remember, that dacing can be use to measure bottles only 3 times.

I play total of 12 logic games, but for now let just state 5 of it. Just a description but you still can also give a try with it.. But makesure only if you are in relax session, if not better to concentrate with your study. Thats all for now. Time to have some student dying session. See you later.. but dont forget, if have time try these by yourself!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Second Day Of Study Week..

First day of study week..

10.00 am - Still at home, taking a shower, brush teeth, etc.. etc.. settle.. go out, tidy myself and breakfast. Finish with breakfast, with a full of spirit "today really need to study hard!!" Find a reference book and start study..

11.00 am - Tick tock tick tock.. Guess what?? Still not start studying!! OMG !! really didnt have mood.. So what should I do? Em.. How about watch some movies on 411,412,413,131 and after that start my study. Good idea!!

1.00 pm - Finish with movies, now time to open some notes, book and do some exercise.. Suddenly.. hear a song come out from my stomach.. means time to have some lunch. So must eat coz need energy to study later.

3.00 pm - My new favorite drama' s times. Needs to watch this cause the story is quite interesting. ++ hero and heroin is really match with each other and the love story inside it really nice and cute. So, see you later books.

5.00 pm - Want to study but it already evening and people say it is not good study at this time. So, once again cancel my plan and go outside playing for a while, ride along the street with my motorcycle, tired and have some rest.

7.00 pm - Already nitez, lets go to the bathroom and taking a shower. Finish, put the clothes, pray and read paper. Emm.. time for dinner.. Go eat something and after that it is time for open reference books and focus!!

9.00 pm - Books are already open, pencil case on my right, calculator on my left.. let start. But wait! My sister turn on the television. Hei!! this is the movie I really want to watch. How about watch this and after that study..

11.00 pm - Movies finish I think, and it is already midnight. Brother want to sleep so must turn off the light. Click.. Very dark here, and in this situation, of coz cant study rite?? So close the book. Tomorrow must study!! Yeah rite..

Second day of study week..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The End Still Dont Know..

1.00 am today, Ive been challenge to write this story..

2005 - The story start with suddenly K receive sms from someone that K doesnt know. So K reply and ask who are you?? Answer that K get is "Hamba Allah" K that still not satisfied with that answer ask again and finally know that person is A. At that time A still in form 3 hence the word that A use seem like vey childish. A only text K when A want to ask for mathematical question or any problem with A's homework. So when A ask question, K will try to help A. But, suddenly A keep silently and at last A and K lost contact.

2008 - Luckily that K also friend with A's sister. From A's sister, K got know that A is now continue study in P***** M************.. and from A's sister also, K get back a chance to contact A back. At the time K text A, K notice something. A is more matured now. Not a childish anymore. Maybe more matured than K... maybe.. And word came from A is also different. No more question about algebra, trigonometry or any other subject. Just normal sms. But there is one thing doesnt change, A still like to talk a lot and a lot!!

2009 - A enter a university.. (congratz) and means that A will keep busy and busy everyday since A is first year student. Same thing with K, also keep bz everyday. Bcoz of this, at last it bring the crisis between these 2 persons. After the crisis, there is no more text from both A and K. They just continue their life as usual. A with A matter and same with K. But GOD help them.. Something happen that make them forget that crisis, the ego and get close once again. After that, both promise to avoid any crisis in the future.

2010 - Until now A and K still become a fren. There is no more crisis about them and both hope that will not happen again. Enough with all that happen in the past. No more after this.. and both A and K still contact with each other, share everything that can be shared.. story, problem, etc.. Both of them live their live to the fullest. Both still fight to be a great person.. and both still continue their journey to become succesfull person in their life. Hope that GOD bless both of them. What will happen next? Only GOD knows..

That all for now and the end still dont know..

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Is That Wrong To Care??

Few weeks ago when I really down coz a lot of problems suddenly came, and I cant stand it anymore. This fren said to me "you can share if you want" So I think for a while and decide to share with this fren. Finish and as I already know, the word that will come out from this fren mouth is be patient, chill, cheer up.. But I still happy with that.

Few days ago when this fren feel depressed. Down and down.. And this time I try to comfort this fren and say what this fren said to me before "you can share if you want" But what I hope is not what I expected. This fren said to me "nothing to share, coz at last this fren know what I will said is be patient, chill, cheer up" And that word make me speechless.

To this fren, I dont know what else to say. But rite now I think I know. For your info, Im sorry coz Im not a good fren. But what I try to do is help. The same, at the time I share my problem I already know at the end what I get is chill chill and so on. So for what I decide to share it? It just as simple as that. When you share something with someone, it is like you release some load inside your mind and Im sure you will be better then. You always said that people came to you when they have problem but run away when you have problem.. Really sure with that? From my experience it is not like that. They care to you but they know you dont want any help. What can they do? I try but what I get is just a word that make me want to jump from a building. To be honest, really speechless and sort of " kecewa" with words that come from your mouth. But, it is ok if that is what you really want. Once again no hurt feeling here ok? Last.. I have a question to people outside there: is that wrong to care??

Friday, April 9, 2010

Now It Is Your Turn!!

Morning.. just wake up, open this EOL and suddenly receive simple notice:

"anda di tag" Em.. dont know what to type today.. so let "layanzz" this thing..

1.Thank & link the person that gave you the award
---> Its really bored today and quite tired,But whateva it is, thanx to miss arzared!
2.Pass this award onto 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and think they are fantastic!
---> 15?? how about 15/5 = 3 only??
And I choose 1. kate pecah-pecah 2.myheartsay 3.My NaME is SomTaM
(If I choose not to tag, cant they notice? Lets destiny decide it)
3.Contact said blogs and let them know they've won the award
---> You got the clue, you know what to do!
4.State 7 things about yourself
---> My name is (Im sure you know about it) I am a simple person with complicated life. I really not sure when my life become so complicated. But wateva it is, I love my life!! To be honest I always see myself as a darkness covered with a light. Just a metaphore.. Translate it yourself!
---> FYI, I hate thing call sauce!! People that are close to me know about this fact.. and Im sure until now they still want to know why it is like that.. Can comeout with their own conclusion but only one thing: Dont ask me why coz I will tell you nothing.. I keep it as my top secret. =P
---> Lets talk about dream car.. Whats your dream car? Want to know mine? I really love to have that Bugatti Veyron.. Nice car with nice shape with top speed 407 (Impressive) But since that car cant be buy so for now my target is to get the sporty hotty Caldina (wish me luck!)
---> What will you buy when you enter boutiques such as SODA, Giordano, ROMP and so on? Jeans, tee, jacket rite? Im different.. 1st thing I will find is a sweater.. yes!! I am a sweater holic.. and I love to be that.. My next target is to get blue and green sweater, still searching
---> Next is about KFC.. know what it is? what I will buy there? Snake plate, Dinner plate? Sorry wrong answer. Guess what? Said already Im different. Close fren sure know about it. Everytime go there, only these items: 2 pieces chickens, cheezy wedges, milo or pepsi. Believe it!
---> What is your favourite brand? I love ROMP very2 much. Until now 70% from my clothes collection is from ROMP. Dont know why but for me ROMP has a nice design with nice cutting and always come out with new stuff every month. So to ROMP, for me you are the best!!
---> Last but not least, as human I do a lot of mistakes, I realize that but what can I do? After all I only a human that cant avoid to do wrong. I know it is hard to change, but maybe someday I will train myself to be a better human and a better servant. May GOD give me that chance..
Finish already rite?? I think im done here, so now it is your turn!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Here Is Love Bring Separations..

I view this EOL and notice it is a long time since I post mv here.. It is hard to select the mv that really suitable with this blog, + its take a long times to upload even just one mv. So bcoz nothing to do today, I decide to upload this mv.

Once again, credit to MAKZ that introduce this mv to me. It is really nice mv ++ his dancing steps is really nice and smooth. The title for this mv is Love Bring Separations and the singer is Son Ho Young who is a member from korean group G.O.D (correction)..

I choose to upload this mv bcoz of several reasons. One of it coz my "student" cant finish the task that I give few days ago. That "student" said is really hard to finish that task so today I help that "student" by upload this and as result the task is done.

Really dont know what is this mv about. To make it clear, I upload this mv bcoz I really impress with the dance steps in this mv. The story inside the mv, I dont really care coz seem very hard to understand. So lastly, here is Love Bring Separations..

The Decision Is Yours..

It is 22++ years since kay_are see the world. People see him as a nice person.. happy go lucky person.. But it is true he is like that people describe? I always story about my fren, this person, that person.. But change it for today.. Let talk about kay_are.. Once again just my opinion about what kay_are really is.. His other side.. and please.. no hurt feeling.

Some people judge him from his face.. and they say that he is a good person, very kind, etc.. But, is he really like that? He wake up in the morning and see his face in the mirror.. His face is look like a criminal face.. in malay word "muka jahat". His male friends notice that and he really proud to has the face like that. Unfortunately, since he cant see things clearly when he is in standard 3, he wear the glasses and that thing covered his criminal face.. And people that meet him wearing that glassses will say that he seem like a nice boy or in malay "budak baik".. So, like I say before, judge a book from its content so dont think that he is "baik" just bcoz his face wearing that glasses make him looks like that..

Want to know? kay_are is really egois person.. Always want to be a winner with anything for example when arguing with people arond him.. Even it is rite or wrong.. He will not give up easily and make sure he win that conversation. Please forgive him for that. But one thing can make he forget that egoistic character. Guess what?? Friends!! That thing can make him sacrifice his proud and ego. Either to old fren or new fren. He rather to keep his ego in order to save his frenship.. and also will do that to make sure people around him happy. Besides, he will do the same when he really want to be friend with someone and make sure that someday, that someone will be his fren and his close fren..

One thing he cant help with himself, he didnt like to share thing with other peoples.. Coz this will make kay_are jealous.. ++ if he get thing that he didnt think to get it. A precious thing and suddenly other people get it too, and more than he get, he really didnt like with this kind of situation.. Sometimes, he try his best to keep his feeling but when he cant keep it anymore, that is the time thing get worst.. Anyone will hurt by him.. Once again please forgive him. He just a human after all.. Already got lesson and start from that day he will try his best to make sure that kind of characteristic can be eliminated forever. So support him and please.. dont ever give a thing that he never think to get it after this.

For now, that is my opinion about that kay_are.. Same as us, he is just a human that has a feeling, emotion and his own characteristic. and 1 thing for sure, he is not perfect and my opinion about him above already can tell something dark about him. After knowing the facts about that kay_are, to stay involve with him or not, the decision is yours..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Consider It Already Done!!

For now, let stop from the works for a while and typing something here..

Close eye, open eye close and open again.. already Tuesday.. Means that only one day left to settle that T things according to my plan. Thanx GOD, today the mood really come to me and until now, already done about 92 to 94 % with that T things. What left is explaination about the graph, conclusion and recommendation and after that what I need to do is print out, send to the supervisor and prepare to get the feed back.

What I hope is this mood will stay with me for few days coz I really need it rite now. Besides that T things, still have some esaimen need to be done, and what is more important, just a few week before the E attack me so from now on I must prepare myself to face that E things. But, lets focus to that T things for now. Think and think, suddenly remembered with the word that N said to me, not really believe at first, but now I believe it.

That word give me a spirit to settle down my T things. N said to me, in order to complete it what is important is to get that mood and when it come, this T things can be done succesfully. What make me really impress, N done that T things just in about one day and guess what? that T things done by N is acceptable!! Magnificent 10!! And now N already continue with the master and I hope once again N will pass it successfully!

For me, finish that T things quickly and after that consider it already done!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Finish With It!!

This morning.. wake up early just to continue with the T thing.. And my first plan is settle down the flow diagram. So bcoz of that I refer to the previous paper in other to understand what actually that thing is. It seem ok until I notice something. The values inside the table and the diagram is not synchronize, in simple word.. different!!

So the conclusion is?? All my calculation using that table is all wrong!! Congratz to me! Feel like dying (X_X).. Good news is I realize about it earlier, before submit to my supervisor.. but the bad news, my first plan to settle down all 8 of flow diagrams has to be forgotten coz I cant done it until I settle calculating the value inside the table correctly.

So since 10.00 am I start playing with all the numbers and calculator, laptop, my best fren MS Word and MS Excel and try my best to recalculate all the results as soon as possible. Really stress and I didnt take a breakfast after all. In my mind just one thing : Must settle down all this faster or I cant proceed to the total of 8 flow diagrams thing.

At last about 11.30 am, finally all my calculation finish. Really hungry but if I stop I dont know when this T mood will come again so I decide not to have a lunch and continue with the diagrams. (Crazy thing I done, not eating even I know the risk) But, thanx GOD.. nothing happen to me even I skip my lunch and at last finish with it!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

So Just Believe It!!

Today I feel so bored.. and dont have mood at all.. Dont know why.. No idea about it.. Want to text "you" and share what I feel, but bcoz of "that", even its already settle down still feel a bit weird to text "you" and say hi! At last, I forget my plan.

Still bored. Maybe bcoz normally I already in my hometown. Thats why no mood here at all. Need to text someone but who? Who will I choose to text with? Seem peoples very bz lately. So I think, think and think until at last I decide to text that person.

Just a normal conversation until that person ask me 1 question. Surprise coz first time people asking me that. Simple one.. " It is really your blog?" Speechless but of coz it is my blog. Isnt it? So to proof, promise to write something about that person.

"Em.. that person.. What can I write here? What can I talk about? No idea at all. Want to talk about that 9 criteria's?? Of coz cannot rite? (lets that become our secret ok?) Em.. to describe, both of us can be said like near but far away.. Why? coz we live in the same state, same small hometown but never meet each other there. Quite funny.. Em.. what next to story? Characteristic.. not really sure but in my opinion : shy?? (maybe), talkative?? (sometime) nice?? (think so) sweet?? (hee.. no comment for that). But, dont care about that characteristic as long I know that person is a good friend. End of story.."

Thats all.. Nothing that I can describe more. For now seriously dont have an idea. My mind still a bit blur and blank.. Maybe I should go home? Let me thinking about it first. By the way, finish here but to that person it is really my blog so just believe it!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let All The Memories Remain..

Today is 1 April.. means that ??? What?? April fool? Em.. maybe but it is not the answer. What I want to say that it just a month left to settle all these things.. The study, the esaimen, the exam (scared), the memory and so on.

What can I say.. Really will miss all that but it is life rite? When the times come, we will leave it and enter the new world. The question for me, am I really has prepared myself to face the reality? The cruel world?

I dont think so but what ever it is, I still has to face it. So it is time to prepare myself. Prepare my physical, mental, emotion and wateva that need to be prepared. But for me just one hope, let all the memories remain..
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